BellaMi Hair Extensions

I am beyond excited to say that I FINALLY received my BellaMi Hair Extensions by Kylie Jenner! And honestly, they are even more perfect than I expected them to be.

Because my hair is dyed, choosing a color for the extensions was tough. I change my hair a lot.

Right now my hair is a mix of a 2 and a 3, which is a lighter shade of black. The Kylie Jenner extensions come in both jet-black and off-black, so I decided to order the off-black set. Perfect choice! (I recommend jet-black if your hair is a 1, or a 1-2 mix.)

I chose the longer length, simply because you can always cut the extensions, but you can't make them any longer.

My hairstylist and I came up with a game plan to help make my extensions look natural. We first cut my real hair into layers. Then we clipped all of the extensions into place and gave those the same cut.

And I must say, they look 100% natural! However, once the extensions are cut, it's important to remember which clips go where. I personally keep them in labeled Ziplock baggies to keep them organized. It works great for me, but you can find your own method!
Kylie Jenner Bellami box

Overall, my BellaMi advice:
Order Lighter
Order Longer
Layer Them
Label Them

Posted Jan. 2015

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