It's the Holiday Season (+ decor)

Time to get festive~ 

My sweet little Olivia and I put up our Christmas decorations a few days ago… Needless to say, she loves them. Her paws are always all over the tree, face in the branches, ripping ornaments off and throwing them on to the ground to play with… Tons of fun. 

This morning when I woke up, the whole tree was on the ground. She’s lucky she’s cute!

This year I’m starting fresh. I’m in a new place and wanted to have just a few simplistic items. Everything — besides the Minnie Mouse ears — is from Target! Target has a great holiday section this season with tons of super cute (and inexpensive!) goodies.
The 24′ tinsel tree is available in green, white, pink, blue or gold. I was feelin’ the gold. The accent color in my apartment is red year round, so I found some teeny tiny red ornaments to compliment the tree. Every Christmas/holiday tree needs warm white lights and a skirt, so of course I picked those out too. Each item was $8 or less, making this a super affordable holiday decor shopping spree.
Along the way to the checkout, I found an adorable ‘MERRY’ sign that I couldn’t pass up. I have a few Mason jars laying around, so I turned one of them into a fun candy cane display. (I swear Target has candy canes in every shopping aisle... Who knew they came in so many flavors now?!)

Christmas isn’t complete without stockings! Of course Olivia’s is the one with the cat on it, and of course she’s already ripped into her toys… 
Believe it or not, I found these adorable stockings at the Dollar Tree. A perfect finish to our little Christmas.

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