Spooky Skull Sweater

This is it! Halloween is just a few days away; therefore, we have officially entered Spooky Season!

I'm ready for all things Halloween. (Have I mentioned it's my favorite holiday??) 

A quick story before I get to this post — One of my girlfriends and I surprise decorated our friends' apartment the other night while both of the boys were at work. We got a TON of decor from the Dollar Store, including spiderwebs, plastic skeletons, a light-up door hanging, tombstones, caution tape and more! They had no idea we did this and were totally surprised. Whether they really enjoyed it or not, they were good sports about it. And my friend and I had a blast. Check out the Dollar Store for some great finds.!

Now on to the Spooky Skull Sweater...

This is honestly one of my favorite sweaters whether it's Halloween or not. It just seems most appropriate during this season. I'm planning to wear it to Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, as I'm going for a Halloween-trend look rather than a costume.

Can we just talk about the detail for a minute? The skull is sewn completely from silver sequence. It's definitely something to be careful with when washing, but for as long as I've had this sweater, I'm really impressed with how well it's held up! I haven't lost any of the sequence yet, and I've had it for about two years!

I bought this sweater at Express. I don't think it's in stock this year, but you can find similar options for this Halloween on their website: Express.com.

Update, 10/31:
Happy Halloween! Here's a look at my Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party style! See outfit details below.

Skull Sweater: Express
Leather Jacket: Express
Jeans: Express
Boots: Forever 21
Adorable Mickey Popcorn Bucket: Walt Disney World

Posted Oct. 2017

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