Flannels for Fall

Flannels are the perfect accessory for Florida's fall. We don't experience the season the way the rest of the country does... Trust me.

In Florida, it's still at least 80 degrees every day. In fact, our fall days are the 80-degree days. The temperature is often still somewhere in the mid or low 90s. We have a few chilly days here and there — 70 degrees at best — but we don't really see cooler days until wintertime.

[I know I shouldn't be complaining about this, because so many cities see snow this early... But hey! I'm just a Chicago girl living in Florida, hoping to break out the leather jacket.]

In the meantime, I'll be soaking up our fall days with my favorite flannels... Like this green and black plaid 'Boyfriend Flannel' from Express! 

Photo Credit: Jarred Paluzzi (Instagram: @JPaluzziPhotography)

This top is a perfect layer for a day or night look. It really captures the fall vibes in my book!

Though flannels are generally pretty thick and warm, this top is super thin and breezy! It gives the look of a northern fall, but is still light enough for us Florida gals. And it's super comfortable, too!

Photo Credit: Jarred Paluzzi (Instagram: @JPaluzziPhotography)

Once the sun goes down, it can get pretty chilly! I love tying this top around my waist during the day, so I'm ready to go at night.

Photo Credit: Jarred Paluzzi (Instagram: @JPaluzziPhotography)

Speaking of that Florida sun... Nighttime is really the only time we're without sunshine! My classic Erika Ray-Ban sunglasses are my go-to. They are the perfect accessory to complete any look.

You can shop this look by clicking the links above... Or you can shop my closet HERE! New items coming soon!

Posted Nov. 2017

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