25 things to do during your 25th year

Your 25th year of life is a big one. Not only are you a quarter of a century, but you can finally rent a car... Woohoo!

There are a lot of things I hope to accomplish this year, and a lot of new experiences I hope to have. So in honor of my 25th birthday (Today!), here's a list of things you should do during your 25th year.

  1. Rent a car. (Just because you can, really.)
  2. Participate in a 5K.
  3. Sleep under the stars.
  4. Get a tattoo. Or a piercing. Or something.
  5. Eliminate soda.
  6. Learn how to file taxes.
  7. Get a massage.
  8. Take yoga classes.
  9. Read more. (News, blogs, books, anything.)
  10. Create a legacy video with your family. 
  11. Keep a journal. Write at least once every month. 
  12. Get a new hairstyle.
  13. Learn to cook something other than pasta. (This one is mostly for me...)
  14. Take an art class.
  15. Volunteer with children, elderly or animals. (Or all three!)
  16. Write a short story.
  17. Go on a blind date.
  18. Clean sweep your laptop.
  19. Watch the sunrise with your best friend.
  20. Visit a new city / state.
  21. Beef up your savings account. Set monthly goals. (And actually reach them!)
  22. Become a minimalist.
  23. Retake your driver’s license photo.
  24. Cut back on caffeine. 
  25. Create a throwback playlist of your favorite songs from your teens and rock out to them like you're 15 again. 
And don't forget to enjoy it. You'll only be 25 for 365 days. Don't blow it. 

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