Inlove with Incoco (Nail Polish Stickers)

Okay you guys... I have found a new beauty product that I really L-O-V-E!

I am the girl that is never without nail polish. You will NEVER in your entire life see my nails without polish on them. And chipped nails? Don't even get me started. Absolutely not. (Sorry, I'm such a nail polish snob...)

As someone who makes nail appointments religiously, I've seen and done it all. 

I'm not a huge fan of gel manicures. Don't get me wrong, they're good— just not good for me. The polish always peels off and I hate soaking my fingers in straight chemicals to remove it. 

Acrylic is great, the polish never chips nor peels off. But getting a fill is so time consuming. And forget freshening up for last-minute plans, because you can't do your own nails at home when you have acrylic. 

I've tried a couple of different types of nail stickers, but I haven't found a brand or type I really love... UNTIL NOW! (This sounds sponsored, but I promise it's not. I genuinely love this product.)

So this is the part where I introduce you to Incoco— the best nail stickers on the market.

Incoco is made with REAL nail polish (unlike traditional, vinyl-made nail stickers), yet this manicure requires 0 drying time! Let's face it, we've all messed up our nails right after a fresh manicure. It happens.

The Incoco application is super easy and manageable to do on your own and at home rather than in a salon. I applied my set right at my bathroom vanity! 

During application, I especially paid attention to the size of the nail stickers because my nail beds are really long and narrow. But a great part about this product is that it fits any nail size, and it's super easy to trim the set to fit your nails' size and shape. 

Incoco comes in a ton of colors and designs. I chose this black and gold set for UCF's recent win  —  #GoKnights #ChargeOn — but after looking at the Incoco website, I've found SO many sets I want to try! I especially love the State of Mind Collection, featuring five neutral tones (totally perfect for my current aesthetic). 

The website says these stickers will last up to 14 days. I must say, so far so good! I really love how they feel on my nails and am so grateful that they can't chip. 

And this may sound like a strange point to make, but this is really important— my hair doesn't get stuck in them when I shampoo! This is always been a problem I've faced with other nail stickers, but it's been several days and I haven't experienced this.

When it's time to apply a new set, I can remove the old set with regular nail polish remover with no damage to my natural nails. I can't wait to get back to the store to purchase more sets! 

You can find Incoco at Ulta, Target & Walmart. Or you can buy Incoco nail sets online by clicking here. Products start at $7.99 per set. Each set includes 16 nail stickers. 

Leave a comment if you already love this product or if you are going to give it a try. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Published January 2018.

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