Flower & Garden Festival 2017

Yep, it's Springtime! And Epcot is back at it with another great festival!

The Flower and Garden Festival is truly one of my favorites! I know Food & Wine is everyone else's, but to be honest... I'm not much of an eater or drinker. I'm more of a walk-around-outside-while-enjoying-the-fresh-air-and-looking-at-the-topiaries type.

And, I mean, how could you NOT love topiaries? Take a look at how cute these are!

We had a great day walking around the World Showcase and spotting all of the characters. The weather was just too perfect to be true. I'm definitely soaking up these cooler days before summer hits us with its high temps.

If you have the chance, check out Flower & Garden! It runs all the way through the end of MAY! So you have plenty of time.

Posted March 2017

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