Kylie Jenner Lip Kit

The day has finally come. I purchased not one, but TWO of Kylie’s lip kits before they sold out. #blessed

These liquid matte lipsticks are already living up to my expectations. The colors of both are very pigmented, allowing the color to last all day long. The colors are actually even deeper than I expected them to be. 

Though the texture can get rough and crack (as any matte lippie gets), the lifespan isn’t bad at all. The longevity (obviously) depends on the course of the day; but at the end of the work day, my lips are still in tact. So that's an automatic A+. 
Oh, and the packaging couldn’t be cuter! Each perfectly wrapped box comes with a little postcard from Kylie.

Overall, I'm definitely loving this product! I can't wait to see which shades Kylie comes out with next. 

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