Rose Gold Minnie Mouse Ears

10/10 not complaining that these Rose Gold Minnie Mouse Ears are currently taking over my Instagram feed. And I don't know how it happened, but I somehow managed to snag a pair of my own. 

So this is what happened. I was in the Parks the other day to say my final goodbye to The Great Movie Ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios. (Still can't believe Disney is ridding this ride, but that's a blog post itself.) It was about 100 degrees and I desperately needed a bottle of water before heading over to the Chinese Theatre.

I headed into the gift shop and immediately locked eyes with these Rose Gold Minnie Mouse Ears. They are basically every Disney-loving millennial's dream. I'm not really one to even wear ears in the Parks, but I'm totally obsessed and will definitely be wearing these.

This photo was featured on Hello, Giggles!

The Rose Gold Minnie Mouse Ears are already completely sold out all throughout Walt Disney World in Orlando. But rumor has it, they'll be restocked sometime in October. So keep your eyes wide open! This is a pair that definitely should be added to the collection.

And hey, thanks, Disney. Ya did good.

Posted Aug. 2017

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