Hi there, Jennifer here. Thanks for visiting my blog! These are some of the questions I get asked most frequently.

First things first... Where have you been?
- It's been a bit, but here I am— back on the blog! I took a few months off as I recently started a new job. You can read more about that soon.

How did you get into blogging?
- I started blogging on Tumblr when I was in high school (2009-2011ish). I really loved writing my thoughts down on an online platform, and getting responses from others who were feeling the same way / interested in the same topics.

This website originated as a college project a few years ago. I love how it's blossomed, and grown with me over time. And now, with my new job has come a new domain: The News Girl. Get ready for some new content categories!

So what do you like to write about most?
- Stepping away from this site, I really love writing features about local organizations, companies and events. (Luckily, I get to do it for a living!) There's something really special about being able to share someone else's story with a community of readers.

Can we collab?!
- Duh! Of course we can! I love finding new products and new topics to blog about. If you want to collab or sponsor a post, email me at JDMediaRelations@gmail.com or slide into those Instagram/Twitter DMs (@jenndido).

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